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Blood Sugar Control Helps You Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, most people think of cutting calories and portion control, and while those certainly play a role, one of the most telling factors is actually blood sugar.

Weight Loss

How does blood sugar influence weight loss?

Your blood sugar level has a direct effect on how hungry you are as well as how sluggish or energetic you feel. More importantly, it determines whether your body is burning fat or storing it.

Whenever you eat, your body converts the carbohydrates in your food into glucose. The more carbohydrates in your food (particularly refined or simple carbs), the higher your blood sugar levels. As your blood sugar increases, your pancreas creates a hormone called insulin that transports the glucose out of your blood and into your cells where it will be used for energy.

An increase in insulin slows fat burning, increases fat storage, and prevents your body from breaking down that fat. That insulin also results in a reduction in blood sugar that creates feelings of fatigue, hunger pangs, and strong cravings for sweets.

When you can keep your insulin levels healthy and balanced—and your blood sugar metabolism optimized—your body stays in fat reduction mode, using fat instead of storing it.

Fat Storage Mode

  1. You eat simple carbs or high glycemic foods.

  2. A rise in blood sugar triggers a release of insulin.

  3. Insulin tells your body to store fat instead of using it.

  4. Losing weight becomes very difficult.

Fat Reduction Mode

GC Control Package
  1. You keep your blood sugar levels balanced, promoting a healthy insulin response.

  2. Healthy insulin
    levels allow your body to use up fat instead of storing it.

  3. Your weight loss efforts are optimized and weight loss is easier.

The difference starts here.

The difference starts with GC Control’s exclusive, patent-pending blend of ingredients. Anchored by Oligo® chromium, this blend includes cinnamon bark extract, Korean red ginseng root, mulberry extract, green tea leaf extract, and sweet potato extract—each with specific natural benefits.

  1. Oligo Chromium
  2. Cinnamon Bark Extract
  3. Korean Red Ginseng Root
  4. Mulberry Extract
  5. Green Tea Leaf Extract
  6. Sweet Potato Extract

These natural, concentrated ingredients have been clinically shown to help:

  • Support balanced glucose uptake and metabolism in healthy individuals*
  • Support normal insulin activity in healthy individuals*
  • Slow the absorption of high glycemic foods*
  • Promote proper carbohydrate metabolism*
Clinically Researched

GC Control makes a difference.

In clinical studies, GC Control was shown to optimize blood sugar metabolism and maintain healthy insulin response already within the normal range. That helps put you back in control of carbohydrate and sugar cravings. It gives you energy support. And it opens the door to weight loss success—because when you have more energy and a reduced appetite, you’re more able to make smart eating choices and keep portion sizes under control.*

More Energy. Less Fatigue. Reduced Appetite.


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